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MilkyLAB Steam Melter-Stretcher LAB 18/200


Mozzarella, Buffalo Mozzarella, Pizza Cheese, Kashkaval, Analogue Mozzarella, and Processed and Spread Cheese.

It is suitable for processing fresh and industrial blocks of curd, buffalo curd, powders, rennet casein, starch, and vegetable or animal fat.


  • Possibility to use fresh and industrial curd, powders ingredients, spices, and flavors
  • More production yield than the traditional systems by hot water
  • There will not be more fatty liquid to be purified as all water added is absorbed by the product during steam stretching
  • Stretching by direct steam injection in the product or into the jacket at 4 bar
  • Reduction of heating and stretching time thanks to the steam injection
  • Significant energy saving by reducing steam consumption
  • Standardization of moisture in the final product


  • Entirely built in AISI 316 stainless steel, double-wall vat for the steam injection into the jacket
  • The product stretching – melting happens by direct steam injection, or with steam injected into the jacket at 4 bar
  • 2 bi-directional augers activated by N. 2 independent motor reducers (mod. Sew- euro drive – low consumption) with adjustable speed by Inverter
  • Parts that come into contact with the product are shot-peened with quartz microspheres and the augers feature Teflon coating
  • Thermoregulator with digital display for temperature control
  • Autonomous CIP washing system, incorporated in the machine
  • Electrical control panel in AISI 304 stainless steel equipped by a “touch screen” panel and PLC Siemens
  • Easy use of the machine thanks to recipes set in the PLC
  • Filter to sterilize steam complete with filtering cartridge
  • Automatic Water Liter-Counter
  • Product unloading by the pneumatic exit door


  • Hourly Production: 750 kg/h

    Dimensions: 215 x 100 x 200 h cm

    Weight: 950 kg

    Electric Power: 11 kw

    Material: AISI 316 stainless steel

    Operating Pressure: 4 bars

    Steam Consumption: 150 kg/h


  • Weighing load cells for ingredients quantity control
  • Motorized loading product hopper
  • Remote assistance via the internet


The machine is manufactured according to current regulations on hygiene and sanitization.