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Precision Cheese Cutting Equipment

HART Design & Manufacturing produces a complete line of polished stainless steel cutting and conveying equipment for process and natural cheese and other food products. HART’s machines are easy to clean, built robustly, and designed for years of trouble-free service.

HART Cutting Machines

HART Cutting Add-Ons

Improve the Speed and Reliability of Your Process or Natural Cheese Line with HART Cutting Equipment

HART offers a wide range of conveyors to transport your raw materials while also cutting your product to length, width or trimming edges for uniformity. HART cutters cover your cutting needs from a simple vertical cut to multistage cutting for exact and random weight wedges or other shapes. We even offer auto lift cutters that can reduce 640 lb. blocks of cheese to customer-specified sizes. All HART machines are designed to minimize sanitation and maintenance.