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Block / Two-Stage Cutters

For all your cutting needs with cheese and other food products turn to HART Design & Manufacturing. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to satisfying customer needs and providing solutions. HART’s engineers and technicians will ensure your have a reliable, safe, easy-to-clean Block / Two-Stage Cutter that meets your needs and integrates well into your cutting or shredding production line.

Versatility & Robust Construction

Precision Cutting Action

The HART HC-2S Two-Stage Block Cutter is a robustly built cutter designed for years of trouble-free service. From tiny cubes, to snack sticks, to 20 lb. halves – reduce 40 lb. blocks the way you want by utilizing this compact, stainless steel cutting machine. Available in pneumatic (HC-2SP) and servo-driven, electrical (HC-2SE), with many options that can be added for exact weight and automated versions to the versatile HC-2S Two-Stage Block Cutter.

Optimized Block Reduction

Superior Cube / Bar / Slab Cutting

Designed with the customer in mind, the HC-2S Two-Stage Block Cutters no-tool harp change allows for quick changeover and allows one operator to easily load blocks, precision cut, and discharge cheese portions. The HC-2S can be used as a standalone cutter or integrate it in-line with other equipment for sanitary, streamlined efficiency.  Improved performance reduces inefficiencies and risks. Plus, these machines are also available in 80 lb. and 160 lb. versions.

Highly Configurable Portion Cutting

  • Quickly change between multiple cutting formats
  • Customize formats for trimming or specialty sizes
  • Configurable designs handle a variety of cheeses

Efficient, Accurate, and Cost-Effective

Discharging blocks “back-to-back” provides cleaner cuts. To help prevent breakage as cheese exits the 2nd stage harp, each block is fully discharged by the next block’s 2nd stage. The operator installs an “end run” pusher block to fully discharge the final cheese block.


  • Repeatable portion control
  • Effectively reduce cheese blocks
  • Accurate, excellent cut quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily cleaned
HART Design and Manufacturing Block / Two-Stage Cutters and examples of cut cheese

Cut your Wheels, Blocks, or Loaves!

These models allow you to cut your wheels, blocks, or loaves into Wedges, Bars, Chunks…any Portion!

Click on the models below to learn more about them and their options.

  • HART’s servo-driven HC-2SE Two-Stage Cutter yields precise portions – simply slide your desired cutting format harp(s) and pusher(s) into place. Servo-driven to achieve high-force cutting without the need for messy hydraulics.

    Servo gives you the option to control cut speed and reduce wire fatigue. For greater control and automation, optional intuitive touchscreen controls with HART programming for cut recipes, speed parameters, integrated inline system controls, and other functions.

    The HC-2SE has a convenient 120 VAC power with an approximate footprint of only 80” x 90” (overall height 57”), you can easily process blocks of hard to soft cheeses (up to 14” long x 11” wide x 7” high nominal dimensions).

Achieve accurate, superior cut quality every time – contact HART today and find the best style for your cutting needs!

Pound Block / Two-Stage Cutter
Pound Block / Two-Stage Cutter
Pound Block / Two-Stage Cutter