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Fully Automated Bulk Filling System

With two independent filling heads and scale systems, HART’s Fully Automated Bulk Filling System provides a continuous filling process with precise scale accuracy and quick changeover for various box sizes.

HART’s PLC Controlled, Fully Automated Bulk Filling System Swiftly Handles a Variety of Box Sizes, and it’s Built Tough with a Stainless Steel Sanitary Chassis

The Bulk Filling Process

The machine is built on a stainless steel sanitary chassis with a driven roller-bed style box infeed and discharge. Filled boxes merge into a single lane for transport via conveyor to the un-cuffing unit. The filling process is fully automatic and with the appropriate backlog, the system is designed to automatically move boxes into the fill station(s) complete the fill and discharge them onto the takeaway conveyor with no manual intervention.

The system employs two independent filling heads and scale systems allowing for an alternating yet, continuous filling process. Each scale, in concert with the PLC, controls the amount of product discharged into each box to ensure consistent, fully automatic operation.

The system is completely PLC controlled and the scales are programmed to a predetermined target weight that compensates for the weight of the empty container and liner. These inputs are sent to the PLC, which in turn controls the opening and closing of the filling valves. The PLC also controls the start-up and shut-down of the product pump. The system is designed to operate continuously provided there are boxes in the fill stations; if this condition does not exist, the system will keep the fill valves closed and remain in a wait mode (no box – no fill).

The equipment will run a variety of box sizes in the 20 to 50 pound range. A standard 40 lb. box will cycle at up to 8 per minute and a 20 lb. box at up to 16 cycles per minute. Product flow characteristics is a key factor and not within the control of HART.

Changeover time from one box size to another, given reasonable operator proficiency, will be approximately 7-10 minutes. All cartons must be handled in a consistent manner in order to maintain a fully automatic process. For example, all cases must be filled with the top flaps up (not broke down to the sides), all liners cuffed over the upright flaps and all boxes having the same flap style and sealing method.

Scale accuracy is precise, as is the electronic control system for the pumps. The final fill weight is dependent upon maintaining consistent product characteristics, precise process control and stable product pressure to the fill heads.

Pound Max Weight
Cycles Per Minute Max
Minutes Max Changeover Time