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Ribbon Loaf AutoHarp Infeed

HART Design & Manufacturing’s Ribbon Loaf AutoHarp Infeed, which is designed and built to USDA standards, allows harping of loaves during transfer from the infeed conveyor to the final staging, as well as automatic staging for most horizontal style overwrappers.

Experience Improved Reliability, Easy Iterface with Existing Conveyors, and a Quick-Release Belt System for Easy Cleaning with the HART Ribbon Loaf AutoHarp Infeed

With minimum loaf spacing equal to one half of the product length, the system will automatically harp the loaf and stage the stacks onto the infeed of your existing wrapper. The wrapper infeed extension conveyor will run continuously, driven by and at the same speed as the horizontal style overwrapping machine.

Sequence of Operation

Upon initial startup the following sequence takes place:

  • The initial loaf travels to the transfer pusher position
  • The transfer pusher conveyor stops
  • The second loaf travels to the staging position on the initial staging belt section
  • The initial staging conveyor stops
  • The roller deck raises
  • The transfer pusher pushes the loaf onto the raised roller deck and through the vertical harp
  • On signal from the wrapper, the roller deck lowers thereby placing the harped loaf on the wrapper infeed extension conveyor
  • The initial staging conveyor and the transfer pusher conveyor start
  • The cycle is repeated

Ribbon Loaf AutoHarp Infeed Features

  • Intermittent motion side transfer system
  • Designed to handle ribbon loaf sizes ranging from approximately 6- to 12-inches long
  • With minimal interface, provides automatic staging for most horizontal style overwrappers
  • Supplied with a vertical harp assembly that allows harping of loaves during transfer from the infeed conveyor to the final staging
  • Speed capability: Normal running speed of 35/min
  • A/C variable speed drive system
  • “Interlaced” “V” belt conveyor belt system to allow easy interface with existing conveyors
  • Designed and built to USDA standards
  • Washdown design with quick-release belt system for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel frame construction, sanitary design
  • NEMA 4x stainless steel enclosures
  • Sanitary ball feet with ± 2.5” adjustment
Inch Max Ribbon Loaf Length
Inch Minimum Ribbon Loaf Length
Per Minute