Semi-Automatic Wheel Cutters

HART Design & Manufacturing has two Semi-Automatic Wheel Cutter options:

  • Rotary Portion Cutter
  • Rotary Cutter

Both of HART’s Semi-Automatic Wheel Cutters are robust solutions for producing wedges of natural cheese in a variety of sizes from a round wheel.

Produce Quality Wedges Of Cheese With The HART Rotary Portion Cutter And Rotary Cutter

Rotary Portion Cutter

The HART Design & Manufacturing Rotary Portion Cutter is a versatile exact weight wedge cutter. Using knives, it quickly cuts most types of cheese with speed and accuracy. After placing the wheel on the scale, the operator then enters the weight of the wheel and selects the exact weight by entering the desired wedge weight or the number of slices to get equal wedges. The HART Design Rotary Portion Cutter accepts wheels with a maximum size of 12 ½” diameter and 5” height. This machine will fit most customer needs.

  • 50 Maximum Cuts/Minute
  • 99 Maximum Number of Wedges/Minute
  • +/- 5% Exact Weight Tolerance

Rotary Cutter

The HART Rotary Cutter is Designed for larger wheels of cheese that need to be cored prior to cutting. HART Rotary Cutters can cut wheels as large as 17 ¾” in diameter and up to 7” in height.

Station One of the Rotary Cutter is the integrated coring system. The operator places the wheel onto Station One to be cored. If your cheese product does not require coring it will move straight to Station Two. After being cored, the station will eject the core from the tube once the button is pushed.

Station Two is the scale. By placing the wheel on the scale the operator can now enter the weight and desired finished wedges in either exact weight or equal cuts. Station Three is the rotary plate where the wheel is cut into the entered weight or cuts. This machine is protected by two light curtain barriers which stop the knife immediately if something would pass through. The integrated coring system and the rotary can also be used separately for cheese wheels that do not require coring.

  • 12 oz. minimum exact weight wedge size
  • +/-5% exact weight tolerance
  • 50 maximum wheels per hour