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640 AL Cutters

If you’re looking for an auto-lift cutter that readily can handle 640 lb. cheese blocks, you need the 640 AL Cutter from HART Design & Manufacturing. This machine is accurate, safe, sanitary, versatile, and mobile. Also, the hydraulic system is integral to the machine. In addition, it’s USDA Dairy & WDA Equipment Acceptance Certified. And the machine can be configured to match product characteristics in order to further improve cut consistency and minimize trim.

The Versatile and Tough HART 640 AL Cutter gets the Job Done Safely, Cleanly and Accurately, and has Great Mobility

640 Auto Lift Cutting Equipment

The HART Model 640 Auto Lift Cutter reduces 640 lb. blocks of cheese to customer-specified sizes. This is accomplished by using hydraulic cylinders to push the product through a harp containing cutting wires set-up to achieve the customer’s desired sizes. The 640 AL Cutter eliminates the need for crane by employing an integral hydraulic system that lifts and sets the 640 lb. block from its form base (at floor level) placing and aligning the block with the harp within the safety inter-locked machine enclosure. This system ensures proper orientation and best yield while providing maximum safety for operators.

The HART 640 AL is built to USDA and WDA guidelines and features:

  • An all stainless steel, polished frame construction
  • Sanitary wash-down enclosures
  • Easily removable rollers
  • Seamless belt and catch pans for quick and thorough clean up

Change over and set-up is quick and easy with ‘no tool’ removable harps and pusher blocks. A specific setup to best match product characteristics can be created to further improve cut consistency and minimize trim.

The system is designed for a cycle rate of 15 (+/-) blocks per hour, depending of product characteristics and harp configuration.

640 Auto Lift Cutter from HART Design & Manufacturing

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic system integral to the machine
  • Slide in / slide out, quick change design

640 Auto Lift Advantages

  • By eliminating any need for an overhead gantry, we’ve eliminated the risk that suspending over a quarter ton of product represents to your staff and to your company – and its fully guarded.

Blocks Per Hour
Block clamps required
Harp Change Over Time