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Pneumatic Precision Wheel Cutters

Coring, Profiling, Fixed Cutting, and Disc Cutting

HART Design & Manufacturing Pneumatic Wheel Cutters are compact, stainless steel cutting machines that give you exact, clean-cut cheese from your wheels. They’re designed to reduce cheese wheels into customer specified portions for discs, profiles, cores, and cuts.

HART Pneumatic Wheel Cutters Easily Core, Profile, and Cut from Hard to Soft Cheeses

Overall Pneumatic Wheel Cutter Features

  • Stainless steel machine construction
  • Can easily be cleaned and sanitized
  • Easy, accurate operation

Trust HART Controls and Automation

Ergonomic machines come equipped with standard safety features, including dual button controls with a physical cage guarding the cutting bed with only one access point. Requiring left & right control buttons to be pushed simultaneously helps to ensure that your personnel are keeping their hands away from hazardous pinch points. Movement will not occur unless both buttons are depressed.

Additional safety features can be made available upon request; i.e. emergency stop buttons, safety light curtains, etc. Programming can reliably and cost-effectively protect personnel from entering the hazardous cutting area; when cutting, the wires/blades can be made to stop if an object enters the safety light curtain.

HART helps you keep your personnel safer while enabling them to cut perfect portions every time.


  • Repeatable Cutting Control
  • Accurate, Superior Cut Quality
  • Improved Performance, Reduced Waste (controlling the cutting process and reducing human error)
  • Excellent Visibility (throughout cutting process)
  • Low Maintenance, Easily Cleaned

Pneumatic Solutions for Wheel Cutting

  • HD-FS01 – Pneumatic Coring / Profiling / Cutting Station
  • HD-PS01 – Fixed Portion Cutting, Blade or Wire
  • HD-TMF01 – Blade or Wire, Variable- or Fixed-Slab Cutting

Precision Cutting Action – HART Pneumatic Wheel Cutters (Click Machine Name to Open)