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Exact Weight Cutters

Exact weight cutting equipment from HART Design & Manufacturing provides precise and fast cutting of cheese bars into exact weight cheese pieces with a maximum speed of 50 cycles per minute.

Experience the Advantages of HART Exact Weight Cutting

Exact weight cutting is butt-to-butt cutting and automatic end-of-bar rejection. The cheese bar ends are detected and tracked, so when a new cheese bar arrives at the cutting knife, the indexing stroke of the cut is altered to produce a very short cut (3/16” to 1/4”). This sliver is automatically rejected on the first reject device located downstream.

The cheese bar is then indexed to the appropriate length to produce the desired dimension. Because the length of the cheese bar is known it is possible to provide an algorithm that will optimize the entire length and minimize the end of bars.

All operation parameters are stored in a product table, easily accessible by the operator, so that when a new production run begins all of the preset operation parameters of the previous run are utilized as starting value.

Cycles Per Minute
Inch Guillotine Stroke
Inch Max Product Size