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PFC-10 Spouted Pouch Filler

If you need a filling and capping machine for spouted pouches with a capacity up to 20 pouches per minute, HART Design & Manufacturing’s stainless steel PFC-10 Spouted Pouch Filler is the reliable solution for you.

Fast & Reliable Filling & Capping 

The HART PFC-10 Spouted Pouch Filler, with its Two Electronic Photo-Eyes and Multi-Gripping Star, gets the Job Done Reliably and Quickly

A filling and capping machine for spouted pouches, intermittent motion, and capacity up to 20 pouches per minute depending on packaging, product, and volume.

  • Spout: Spout with neck hanging capabilities without cap.
  • Pouch: Pre Made Stand-up pouch or other pouch construction that is totally sealed, shaped, with re-closable open spout.
  • Mechanical Speed: Up to 20 pouches per minute depending on the operator’s skill, spout diameter, product viscosity and the volume to be filled.  Actual speed will depend on test results with original pouches and product.
PFC-10 Spouted Pouch Filler by HART Design & Manufacturing

Possible Size Ranges on the PFC-10:

  • Width of pouch 60 to 320 mm (2.36” to 12.6”)
  • Length of pouch 100 to 420 mm (3.94” to 16.5”)
  • Larger pouches are available upon request.


A rail, filled with spouted pouches without caps, is manually placed into the infeed section of the machine. The filling operation starts once the machine is in the ready mode and it is loaded with a supply of spouted pouches and caps.

Two electronic photo-eyes detect the availability of spouted pouches and caps. Once the machine has been started, the first spouted pouch in the rail will be picked by the multi-gripping star. The multi-gripping star will move the empty pouch under the filling nozzle. The filling nozzle lowers automatically to dispense a pre-selected volume of product into the pouch through the spout.

After filling the pouch, the nozzle retracts back into the start position and the multi-gripping star moves to the next station. On the way to the next station the open and filled pouch picks up its cap. Caps are automatically supplied by the optional vibratory sorting bowl and infeed rail. In the next position a torque head lowers and twists the cap, which closes the pouch.

At the next turn of the multi-gripping star, the filled and closed pouch is discharged from its neck holding position into the pouch discharge chute.

The multi-gripping star has four positions and turns 90 degrees at each turn.

  • Station 1 – pouch pick-up
  • Station 2 – pouch filling
  • Station 3 – pouch capping
  • Station 4 – pouch discharge

All four stations operate at the same time.

Operators needed: One person to feed the pouch magazines and load caps.

Pouches Per Minute
Electronic Photo-Eyes
Multi-Gripping Star Positions