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640 Block Cutters & 550 Barrel Cutters

HART Design & Manufacturing 640 Block Cutters & 550 Barrel Cutters are the most powerful machine for cutting blocks of cheese. Designed to reduce cheese into customer specified blocks or logs.

HART Block Cutters Easily Produces Blocks from Cheddar and Other Cheeses

HART Block Cutters slice cheese into a variety of sizes. Depending on the machine, our cutters offer options such as: auto-lift systems, hydraulic, pneumatic or servo push systems,  wires or knives to cut through any type of cheese.

Block Cutter Features

  • Stainless steel machine construction
  • Built to USDA and WDA guidelines
  • Can easily be cleaned and sanitized

Types of Block Cutters

HART has various types of block cutting equipment to fit specific needs and applications. The 640 Block Cutter can also be specified to handle 550 Barrels with change parts.

Drive Options
Risk of Injury from Overhead Clamps
Blocks per Hour