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20-ESW IWS Extruder

Craft individually-wrapped process cheese slices quickly and reliably with the HART Design & Manufacturing servo-controlled 20-ESW IWS Extruder, with its cantilevered design for ease of operation and cleaning.

Take Your Slice on Slice Process Cheese Production to a Whole New Level with the Servo-Controlled HART 20-ESW IWS Extruder

The 20-ESW IWS Extruder Process

The HART IWS Extruder forms processed cheese into individual wrapped slices. Hot liquid cheese is pumped into a preformed continuous tube of film. The tube is then:

  • Flattened into a ribbon
  • Formed into slices
  • Crimped
  • Sealed with servo driven rotary heat bars
  • Cooled with chilled water
  • Cut to length

The individual slices are then stacked into a predetermined number of slices.


Features of the HART 20-ESW IWS Extruder

  • All stainless steel sanitary construction
  • Cantilever design for ease of operation and cleaning
  • All drives protected in enclosed frame
  • Servo-controlled for ease of mechanical timing
  • Web tension and broken web detector with automatic machine shut down
  • Easy web alignment during operation
  • Custom designed, wear resistant former
  • Ceramic coated fill tube
  • Hard chrome adjustable metering rolls for extended life and precise weight control
  • Easily adjusted slice thickness during operation
  • Automatic adjustment of cheese pump speed
  • Long life, easily removable draw belts
  • Heated lap seal disengages upon machine stop
  • Automatic temperature control with audible alarm
  • Web guide tracking wheels
  • Automatic ribbon tension control
  • Adjustable ribbon tracking prior to forming belts
  • Heated, stainless steel / polyurethane, four-up rotary crimpers
  • Air knife removal of final water droplets
  • Servo controlled cut off
  • Product stabilizing belt controls web through cut off
  • Heavy duty crimping and cutting heads
  • Air chute product transfer from cut off to stacker
  • Servo controlled stacking system
  • Product discharge conveyor
  • Remote main electrical enclosure
  • Electrically interlocked safety switches
Maximum number of heads per machine
Square feet footprint of equipment
Slices a Minute on a single head