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HCC Filling Line

HART Design & Manufacturing’s HCC Filling Line is designed to reliably fill and package cream cheese with a capacity for 90-250g volumes. If you are looking for larger sizes, we can do up to 2.2kg. Experience for your company why HART is a global leader in the latest servo-controlled, polished stainless steel cream cheese filling equipment.

HART’s HCC Filling Line will Improve the Dependability of your Cream Cheese Packaging with its Servo-Controlled, Polished Stainless Steel Pouchmaker, Conveyor and Filling Station

The pouchmaker section of the filling line forms a pouch from roll stock material by running it through a series of dancer rolls, forming board, and nose piece to ultimately make a gusseted bottom pouch of the proper size.

The roll stock has a maximum diameter of 24 inches with a core diameter of 6 inches. A powered unwind unit pulls the film web from the rolls. A servo web aligner guides the film through a set of stationary and dancer rollers into the forming board. Prior to the pouch forming board, the edge is turned over to provide an “easy opening” feature. The turned over edge also adds rigidity to the pouch which enables the pouch to be more erect in the carton.

The side seal bars section off the film web into individual pouches. Servo driven nip rolls pull the pouches into the opener / inserter section. As a pouch is fed out over the opener / inserter it is held by a pair of vacuum jaws. The pouch is then cut by a shear knife and opened by the vacuum boxes. An expanding mandrel then enters the opened pouch and inserts it into a carton. The pouch assumes a formed rectangular bottom, duplicating the inside dimensions of the formed carton.

The pouchmaker has the capability to run registered or unregistered film. The pouchmaker has a “no carton / no pouch” feature. Defective pouches or cartons are detected and rejected prior to the filling system.

Pouchmaker Assemblies

The pouchmaker includes the following assemblies to ensure the reliability and speed for creating packages for your cream cheese.

  • Each core shaft has side to side adjustment. This is used to keep the front and back top edges of the pouch uniform.

Filler Assemblies

The Filler, in the second stage of the HCC Filing Line, includes the following components to ensure the speed and reliability of filling cream cheese into the packaging.

  • The conveyor indexes the cartoned pouch through the various stations of the filling section. A servo motor or camco gearbox drives the filler conveyor. The main AC motor drives the forming ram, filler, flaring fingers, and fin seal.

Packages Per Minute
Inch Max Diameter for Roll Stock
Inch Core Diameter