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In-Line and Overhead AutoHarps

HART Design & Manufacturing’s In-Line and Overhead AutoHarps, which are designed and built to USDA standards, continuously load, stage, stabilize, and cut stacked-ribbon loaves of cheese into precise portions.

Experience Improved Reliability, Easy Interface with Existing Conveyors, Configurable Portion Cutting, and Easy Cleaning with HART In-Line and Overhead AutoHarps

The HART In-Line and Overhead AutoHarps are servo-controlled electro-pneumatic cutting machines. Their compact design makes it easier for you to add them to a new or existing slice on slice processing line.

In-Line and Overhead AutoHarp Features

  • Infeed / Tabling Conveyor
  • AutoFeed Staging System
  • 1- or 2-Direction Cutting
    • Horizontal, 2-Direction Oscillating Harp Cutter – Single Index AutoHarp (SOS-AH1)
    • Horizontal, 2-Direction Dual Oscillating Harp Cutter – Dual Index AutoHarp (SOS-AH2)
    • Vertical, 1-Direction Cutting – Single Index Overhead AutoHarp (SOS-AHV)
  • Discharge Conveyor
  • Multiple cutting formats through the use of change parts
  • Designed and built to USDA standards
  • Washdown design with quick-release belt system for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel frame construction, sanitary design

Precision Cutting Action – HART In-Line and Overhead AutoHarps (Click Machine Name to Open)