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Auto-Pouch Assembly Equipment

Transform roll stock film into strong, precision-formed pouches for your cream cheese, process cheese, or other food products more reliably and less expensively with HART Design & Manufacturing’s Auto-Pouch Assembly Equipment.

How the HART Auto-Pouch Assembly Works

Take Your Cream Cheese Packaging to a New Level with the HART Auto-Pouch Assembly Equipment

The HART pouch maker forms pouches from roll stock material by running them through a series of dancer rolls, forming boards, and nose pieces to make gusseted bottom pouches of the proper size.

The roll stock film has a maximum diameter of 24 inches with a core diameter of 6 inches. Two pairs of powered nip rollers pull the film webs from the rolls, through stationary and dancer rollers, and into the forming boards. The web aligners ensure consistent positioning into the forming boards. Downstream of the pouch forming boards, the top edges may be turned over to provide an “easy opening” feature with optional change parts. The turned over edges also add rigidity to the pouches which enables them to stand more erect in the cartons.

Side seal bars section off the film webs into individual pouches. Servo driven nip rollers pull the sectioned webs into the opener / inserter sections. As pouches are fed out over the opener / inserters, they are held by vacuum boxes. The pouches are then cut from the webs by actuated shear knives, which cut through the center of the side seals.

Preformed cartons are conveyed from the carton former to the indexing conveyor. Carton infeed clamps hold back cartons during indexing conveyor movement and open to allow carton infeed during conveyor dwell. Carton backlog sensors mounted on the infeed conveyor control carton infeed based on carton accumulation. Carton detection sensors located on the indexing conveyor initiate pouch feeding and insertion cycles when cartons are present at the forming rams.

Experience the Benefits of HART’s Servo-Operated Opener Inserter

Pouches are opened by servo-operated vacuum boxes. Expanding mandrels then enter the open pouches and insert them into preformed cartons. The pouches assume a formed rectangular bottom duplicating the inside dimensions of the formed cartons. The inserted pouches remain erect in all four corners of the cartons.

Pouch detection sensors downstream of the forming rams inspect for proper pouch insertion. The photo sensors are set up to detect the two outside top edges of the pouches. If a pouch edge is not detected a reject cycle is initiated.

Inch Max Diameter
Inch Core Diameter
Pouches Per Minute