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About Hart Design & Manufacturing

HART Design & Manufacturing has been crafting superior quality cheese processing and packaging equipment since 1975. The company was formed by two food-packaging engineers, Gilbert Hannon and Gerald Schaetz. Through their vision, we have become a global leader in the design and construction of standard, specialty and proprietary stainless steel equipment for use in the food and dairy industry.

Our 40,000 square feet of production facilities, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, allows us to provide our customers the following: design and engineering, machining, welding, fabricating, mechanical and electrical assembly, testing and programming—all under one roof.

Every Client’s Needs are Unique

HART uses proven technologies coupled with continual innovation to produce robust, reliable equipment to satisfy the client’s specific processing or packaging requirements.

Listening to the customer is one of HART’s strongest assets. The sales, engineering and design teams work closely with the client to determine the most effective design for their equipment. Some orders begin with a blueprint, and others begin with an idea scribbled on a napkin. But all orders start with the customer’s primary question, “Can you do this…?” In most cases, the HART team can.

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