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Shred Line: 640 HC Cutter

The 640 HC Cutter from HART Design & Manufacturing is a sturdy, hydraulic cutter that easily handles 640 lb. blocks of cheese with precise cuts. The machine’s design makes sanitation and setup quick and simple.

Meet Your Big Cheese Cutting Needs

With your shred line, you need a reliable solution to reduce large blocks of cheese to smaller sizes. The HART 640 HC Cutter reduces a maximum size 640 lb. block to the customer specified sizes. This is achieved by use of a hydraulic driven pusher block of milled acetyl advancing the product through a harp employing cutting wires set to produce the customer’s designated sizes. The cutting system, infeed conveyor and staging surface are built to USDA Dairy 3A guidelines, feature stainless steel frame construction, stainless steel sanitary enclosures, easily removable rollers, seamless belts, catch pans to promote best practice sanitation, and repeatability of cut dimensions and to minimize product waste. Setup and change over are quick and easy, featuring “slide in / slide out” harp design and no-tool removable pusher block, adjustable product stops and programmable / storable cutting profiles.

640 HC Cutter Features

  • The cutter is designed for a cycle rate up to 20 blocks per hour (product, drawn down action, and operator may affect cycle rates)
  • Stainless steel sanitary machine construction
  • Built to USDA dairy guidelines
Blocks Per Hour
Harp Change Over Time
Logs for Slicing per Hour