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MilkyLAB Ricotta Cheese Flocculators


Ricotta, Spreadable Creams, and Flavored Ricotta.


  • Product’s long shelf life is guaranteed without adding any preservatives
  • It’s possible to obtain a higher moisture content in the product
  • Powder ingredients or viscous liquid can be mixed together with the product
  • Possibility to add spices, aromas, and flavors


  • Autonomous system to produce ricotta, able to process large quantities of whey or milk, reducing the costs of labor and energy in particular of steam.
  • Entirely built in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • The Cylindrical-shaped system has a cone-shaped bottom with a dual insulating wall on the cone and plating
  • Air inlet and blowdown valves
  • Washing ball, manhole
  • DN 50 whey inlet-outlet with butterfly valve and inspection glasses.
  • Sight glass assembled on the cylindrical part of the flocculator to observe processing stages
  • Maximum level probe, “Silent” steam injector
  • Stainless steel steps with an operator platform and adjustable feet
  • Milk, cream, or citric acid dosing system
  • Centrifugal pump used for injecting soda, citric acid, milk, cream, and for washing.
  • Electric control panel in AISI 304 IP 65 protection, with PLC SIEMENS for complete automation of the process
  • Arrangement to CIP washing system with cover and spraying balls
  • Plate heat exchanger to recovery thermal for heating the whey and to reduce energy consumption




The machine is manufactured according to current regulations on hygiene and sanitization.