Meet HART’s Component Sales Division!

The Component Sales Division at HART recently launched the HART Online Store to provide our customers with a new way to interface with HART and find the components they need. Visit the HART Store at and learn more about the Component Sales Division in this blog post. 

The Component Sales Division at HART Design & Manufacturing

Sanitary Supplier of Component Parts 

HART Design is a trusted Wisconsin-based manufacturer, serving the Dairy Industry since 1975. To better serve our customers, we created our Component Sales Division November 1, 2017. 

This new branch of service is led by Nicole Koss, who prides herself in providing superior customer service and high-quality products. Nicole gained substantial experience while working alongside her father, John A. Koss (former cheesemaker, founder of Koss Industrial). For over 15 years Nicole worked with him, learning the ins and outs of serving the sanitary industries.

Nicole has established herself as an excellent customer resource in the sizing & provision of pumps, valves, fitting, and many other components. Already working with some of the biggest names in the industry, she has earned the trust of many HART customers. Trust Nicole to get you the right products at a great price, with unmatched service!

REQUEST YOUR QUOTE TODAY! Trust our fluid handling product knowledge.

Products Available

* indicates HART is an official distributor

At HART, our vendors go through a rigorous selection process and are held accountable to our high standards.

  1. VALVES (sanitary, utility)
    Alfa Laval
    Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
    DSO Fluid Handling *
    Schubert & Salzer
    Steel & O’Brien Manufacturing
  2. PUMPS & PARTS (centrifugal, positive displacement)
    Alfa Laval
    DSO Fluid Handling *
    Steel & O’Brien Manufacturing
  3. FITTINGS & GASKETS (clamp, weld, bevel seat…and more)
    Alfa Laval
    DSO Fluid Handling *
    RubberFab *
    Steel & O’Brien Manufacturing
  4. FILTERS & STRAINERS (filters, houses, strainers…and more)
    Alfa Laval
    Donaldson Filtration
    J&M International *

Maximize Performance, Minimize Downtime

Properly configured components perform better and last longer. We want you to trust that your plant has the parts you need to keep production running smoothly, as well as to keep your cleaning and preventative maintenance easy & affordable. HART can help.

Trust HART for Sizing & Selection

Our Component Sales Division personnel have many years of experience sizing equipment and supplying sanitary components to the Dairy, Food & Beverage Industries. Trust a supplier who understands the special needs of your application, a supplier who is fully aware of what the word “sanitary” truly means to you, your brand, and your customers.

Benefits of HART Supplied Components

  • Accurate, Superior Quality
    (our vendors are carefully selected and held accountable to our high standards, we strive to beat your expectations)
  • Excellent Communication
    (during and after the buying process, we are here for you)
  • Spares, Service Kits, and More
    (not all suppliers provide spares & kits, but we have those and knowledgeable resources available to identify parts needed)
  • Reliable Fluid Control, Maximize Uptime
    (regular maint. and servicing are vital, but when unexpected downtime occurs, a resourceful supplier helps save the day)
  • Improved Performance, Reduced Energy Consumption
    (properly configured components perform better)
  • Low Maintenance, Easily Cleaned
    (components designed with the user in mind)

Contact the HART Component Sales Division:

Call: (940) 468-5927

Contact Nicole Koss: 

Office Phone: (920) 468-5927 Ext. 152
Fax: (920) 468-5888
Mobile: (920) 655-7402