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Ultrasonic Cutting – Single Chunk

Ultrasonic cheese cutting utilizes a knife vibrating at a high frequency, which produces a nearly frictionless surface, thus preventing cheese from deforming or sticking to the knife. HART Design & Manufacturing has the technology to satisfy your ultrasonic cheese cutting needs.

The cheese bar ends are detected and tracked, so when a new cheese bar arrives at the cutting knife the indexing stroke of the cut is altered to produce a very short cut (3/16” to 1/4”). This sliver is automatically rejected on the first reject device located downstream.

The cheese bar is then indexed at the appropriate length to produce the desired dimension. Because the length of the cheese bar is known it is possible to provide an algorithm that will optimize the entire length and minimize the end of bars.

More About HART

HART Design & Manufacturing is a global leader in the design and construction of standard and customized stainless steel, servo-controlled equipment for use in the food and dairy industry, with an emphasis on process and natural cheese production lines.