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Servo Cutoff Video

Attain precise vertical cuts at the desired cheese loaf length at up to 240 cuts per minute with the HART Design & Manufacturing Servo Cutoff, which works in tandem with HART’s transfer conveyor and casting machine.

The HART transfer conveyor and cutoff work in tandem with the casting machine. Together, the HART transfer conveyor stacks ribbons of cheese upon themselves to a customer-required amount and then conveys this continuous stack of ribbons to the HART cutoff machine where it is cut to a predetermined length.

More About HART

HART Design & Manufacturing is a global leader in the design and construction of standard and customized stainless steel, servo-controlled equipment for use in the food and dairy industry, with an emphasis on process and natural cheese production lines.

The servo cutoff uses a single-wire cutting harp and makes up to 240 cuts per minute. The cutting head is attached to an arm that swings up and down while the cutting head pivots forward and back. The combination pivoting head and up and down movement is programmed into the unit’s control system to give precise vertical cuts at the desired cheese loaf length. The cutoff uses programs to determine the cut length of each loaf.