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Rotary Portion Cutter – Semi-Automatic Wheel Cutter

The Hart Design & Manufacturing Rotary Portion Cutter is a versatile exact weight wedge cutter. Using knives, it quickly cuts most types of cheese with speed and accuracy. After placing the wheel on the scale, the operator then enters the weight of the wheel and selects the exact weight by entering the desired wedge weight or the number of slices to get equal wedges. The HART Design Rotary Portion Cutter accepts wheels with a maximum size of 12 ½” diameter and 5” height. This machine will fit most customer needs.

  • 50 Maximum Cuts/Minute
  • 99 Maximum Number of Wedges/Minute
  • +/- 5% Exact Weight Tolerance

More About HART

HART Design & Manufacturing is a global leader in the design and construction of standard and customized stainless steel, servo-controlled equipment for use in the food and dairy industry, with an emphasis on process and natural cheese production lines.