3X12 Wrapper

The HART Design & Manufacturing 3 x 12 wrapper, with its stainless steel sanitary frame construction, can wrap 3- to 5-pound loaves of slice on slice or vertically stacked ribbon cheese in a variety of films at speeds up to 45 loaves per minute, while helping you maintain a hygienic environment for your food products.

Speed changes during operation are a snap with the HART 3 x 12 Wrapper. To fit your floor plan, the HART 3 x 12 wrapper can be supplied with either a side auto infeed or optional ‘C’ flow auto infeed.

Speed changes can be made while the 3 x 12 wrapper is operating. Fault indicators provide the operator with diagnostic information on items such as low air pressure, broken harp wires, film feed, open doors, or safety guards. Additional diagnostic information can be provided as an option.