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MilkyLAB Ricotta Production Line

  1. Flocculators
  2. Drying Tunnel
  3. Storage Tank
  4. Smoothing Machine

The automatic ricotta production plant allows the processing of large quantities of whey or milk with significant savings in labor and energy costs.

The plant is designed for the production of ricotta avoiding the use of preservatives and ensuring a long shelf life on the product.

The process begins inside flocculators (1) of cylindrical shape with a conical bottom, which unloads the ricotta mixed with whey in a special drainage trolley (2) or on an automated drainage belt. After the whey has been drained, the ricotta is then transported to the smoothing machine (3) to be homogenized and ready for packaging.

The smoothing machine also allows you to flavor the ricotta, by following the exclusive MilkyLAB recipes, adding spices and aromas.

The system is completely built-in AISI 304/316 stainless steel and is totally arranged for the CIP automatic washing system.

The size and features can be personalized based on the customer’s requirements.