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MilkyLAB Molding Machine LAB 21A


Pizza Cheese, Caciocavallo, Provolette, and Scamorza.


  • Semi-automatic molding machine
  • is suitable for molding dense pasta filata cheeses such as pizza cheese and caciocavallo
  • Final product with a predetermined weight
  • Molding cups are available in different sizes


  • Entirely constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • 2 bi-directional anger slightly compress the stretched-curd cheese against the molding cups
  • Molding can be carried on by overturning the molding cups
  • The machine is fitted with an electrically heated jacket to allow the product to be kept constantly at the ideal molding temperature
  • The movement of the molding cups, augers and the temperature of the jacket are PLC regulated
  • Volumetric control for the regulation of the height of the product
  • Augers with adjustable speed by inverter
  • All the parts in contact with the product are entirely Teflon-coated to be non-stick
  • Electrical control panel with IP 65 protection
  • Safety sensors according to the CEE regulations


  • Hourly Output: 500-600 kg /h

    Dimensions: 170 x 90 x 190 h cm

    Electric Power: 6 kw

    Compressed Air Consumption: 30 lt / min (max)

    Weight: 200 kg


Molding cups from gr. 300 up to gr. 2000.


  • Auger’s speed
  • Temperature of the jacket
  • Weight of the cheese


Arrangement to CIP washing system with cover and spraying balls.


The machine is manufactured according to current regulations on hygiene and sanitization.