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MilkyLAB Molder – For 300


Hard and semi-hard cheeses and curd.


  • Labor savings
  • Greater optimization of useful spaces
  • Total elimination of curd waste


  • Hopper, chamber, and pre-pressing columns
  • The curd, through a lobe pump, enters the hopper of the molder, where a
  • Knives and forming tubes
  • The knives, of the type with sharp blades, avoid the dispersion or loss of the curd
  • Mold feeder
  • The feeding (loading) of the molds is carried out through a conveyor belt
  • Lower deposit (serum collection channel)
  • The whey collection channel is equipped with a filter and a level probe, connected to the whey extraction pump
  • Electrical panel in AISI 304 stainless steel with IP 65 protection
  • CIP: arranged for CIP washing


    • 1 Column
    • 2 Columns
    • 3 Columns

    Able to produce round or rectangular cheeses.


The machine is manufactured according to current regulations on hygiene and sanitization.