Meet the Team at HART

Continuing the vision of our founders, Gilbert Hannon and Gerald Schaetz, the team at HART Design & Manufacturing has become a global leader in the design and construction of standard and customized stainless steel, servo-controlled equipment for use in the food and dairy industry, with an emphasis on process and natural cheese production lines.


Meet Our Sales Team:

Todd Delebreau, Dairy Process Consultant at HART Design

Todd Delebreau

Dairy Process Consultant

Todd Delebreau possesses extensive experience in the application of industrial automation. He leverages his strong mechanical aptitude to tailor solutions that help HART customers succeed.

Todd works from a philosophy that HART will be successful only if HART’s customers are profitable and successful. Consequently, Todd always has the customer’s interest as his top priority.

Todd’s background and experience is an asset in developing, troubleshooting and presenting solutions to his customers.

Dennis Adelmeyer, Sales Manager at HART Design

Dennis Adelmeyer

Director of Sales

With more than 30 years experience in the dairy processing and packaging industry, Dennis has become the “go to guy” for questions related to process cheese filling and casting, both domestically and internationally. He also has provided upstream and downstream equipment consulting services for HART customers.

With Dennis’ vast knowledge, he is always ready to help customers to solve their next challenge.

Paul Schneeberger, Technical Sales at HART Design

Paul Schneeberger

Technical Sales

Paul Schneeberger began his HART career in 1988 in Drafting and Engineering. Over time, he transitioned into our sales department.

Paul’s unique background as an engineer, combined with customer service skills, has made Paul an invaluable asset to his customers. His ability to foresee and understand technological innovations and equipment enhancements save his customers time and money.

Dan Linnane, Technical Sales at HART Design

Dan Linnane

Technical Sales

Dan Linnane previously worked for HART for 12 years and recently rejoined our sales team. He brings 20-plus years of experience and knowledge of the dairy equipment industry to our team and customers.


Meet Some Members of Our Technical Team:

Timm Schaetz, President at HART Design

Timm G. Schaetz


Timm Schaetz takes pride in the craftsmanship and dedication of the HART team, who work tirelessly to provide solutions for customers. Timm earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and started his career as an engineer for Ariens Company. Eventually, he joined his family’s business at HART, where he started in engineering, transitioned to sales, returned to engineering and became engineering manager, moved up to become operations manager and then company president. As a result of this breadth of experience, Timm has intimate knowledge of the design and manufacturing of his company’s products, as well as a deep understanding of the needs of his customers.

Mike Brownell, Machine Shop Manager at HART Design

Mike Brownell

Machine Shop Manager

Mike Brownell manages the HART machine shop where his team of twelve manufactures all the parts for the full line of stainless steel equipment for use in the food and dairy industry. He has a degree in welding and welding inspection, and he’s worked in the machining, welding and manufacturing of equipment in the dairy industry (including ice cream soft-serve machines) and in paper production. Under Mike’s leadership of the machine shop, HART switched to using stainless steel polished by the manufacturer for 95% of what we produce. Mike and his team strive to go above and beyond USDA guidelines. As a result, HART is the leader in the dairy industry in terms of having a more hygienic product

Jeff Marks, Field / Shop Technician at HART Design

Jeff Marks

Field/Shop Technician

Jeff Marks started at HART as a machinist in 1982, a relatively short time after completing technical college. He’s been a key part of the HART team for more than three decades. For many years, Jeff manufactured, assembled, and installed HART products for customers, and was involved in essentially every aspect of the process. Because of the breadth of his knowledge, he was involved heavily in the design process, too. In addition, he has programmed logic controllers for last 15 years. More recently, he transitioned from the machine shop to the assembly area. Jeff installs and configures about 90% of HART’s machines for customers, and he enjoys interacting with the people who use HART equipment.

Nick Reif, Application Engineer at HART Design

Nick Reif

Application Engineer

Nick Reif has been with HART for more than eight years, previously serving as Engineering Manager. He works with customers as an application engineer to solve problems and develop solutions, including making onsite visits to examine client processes to understand how their plants function, to ensure the best fit for HART equipment.

Randy Verhaagh, Field Service / Assembly Manager at HART Design

Randy Verhaagh

Field Service, Assembly Manager

Randy Verhaagh started his career as an electrician after obtaining a degree in electromechanical technology, eventually earning his masters license in electrical work. He started at HART as a service technician, learning his way through mechanical design, tolerances and assembly. In his free time, Randy combined his love of beekeeping with his mechanical skills by building a honey-bottling machine at home.

Parker Will, Engineering Manager at HART Design

Parker Will

Engineering Manager

Parker Will started at HART in July of 2015, as Engineering Manager. He is a versatile engineering professional who is skilled at improving processes as well as managing product development, innovation, and strategic planning. He oversees mechanical, electrical, and technical developments at HART, with regards to the design of standard and customized equipment for clients.


Tony Thompson, Project Manager at HART Design

Tony Thompson

Project Manager

Tony Thompson started at HART Design & Manufacturing in July 2013 as Project Manager. As a Project Manager Tony works with the internal departments at HART and also with HART’s customers on a daily basis to ensure that the projects are delivered to the order and on-time. Tony also leads HART’s Service Department. He makes sure that every customer need, from emergency calls to installations of HART equipment, will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner.